The “Power Blackout”c is not a theatre play but an interactive series of playful programmes.
The different types of activities are run simultaneously and in parallel, at different places,
but all in the dark. The visitors have blind helpers, so they can safely walk around and
explore the surrounding. In every room they can find some interesting things to try: make
clay ceramics, Braille calling cards and candle sticks, play sensing games, recognize
tactile pictures, try a special speech system on a computer without using the monitor, etc.
For every occasion we invite a famous person, who performs “blindly”: sings, plays an
instrument, tells stories… Neither he or she, nor the visitors can see each other. These
nights end with a raffle – ever wondered, how you can play it without being able to look at
your number? Finally, the lights are turned back on again and everyone can explore the
place under bright lights, as well.