A scented and melodious fairy-play in one act
The two princesses of the Garden of Gods, Dunyha and Lomha, arrange a
meeting at the old oak tree at midnight in honour of their servant’s, Celestina’s
arrival. Because of a misunderstanding, they run into each other on their way to
the meeting place, and, as a result, they loose their magic power. This is the
moment when Celesztina, changed back into her fairy-shape again after having
accomplished her mission, arrives. Her mission was to find Jázmin, the younger
sister of the princesses. She cannot tell
them about her experiences immediately because first she has to
regain her ladies’ magic power with the help of the elves. Since the two
princesses are too busy with themselves and do not listen to her
properly, they confuse and misunderstand the pieces of news that
Celesztina manages to tell them about Jázmin. In the meantime the sisters also
eat from the fruit picked from Jázmin’s garden. After a while, Celesztina can at last tell them the news that Jázmin has
married Álmon, an earthly king. As soon as the two sisters have heard this, they
run to save their younger sister. Dunyha covers the Sun with her clouds, and
Lomha destroys Álmon’s court with an earthquake. The king and his wife have just started their morning walk
in their garden. Álmon doesn’t know anything about the girl’s origins yet. This
is the very morning when she is planning to share her knowledge with
Álmon, but he as a mortal is not prepared for this yet. As they are playing
tag in the garden, an enormous earthquake comes upon
them. In the disaster the magic garden gets destroyed, and this weakens
Jázmin’s earthly-shape. Not long after this, the anxious sisters appear at the
sickbed of their weak younger sister and want to take her back to the
Garden of Gods. Lomha realises that Álmon understands the secret language
of her wife. So Jázmin can return without any fear to the Garden of Gods, since
she does not have to leave Álmon forever. Wherever they be, they will
understand each other with the help of the magic language.