The touch of the night (by Tímea Kalla)

seated in the darkened theatre will be witnesses to the romance of a seemingly
everyday young couple. Even here there is something mysterious. The writer
entrusts the audience’s fantasy to unravel the storyline. There’s a morning
phone call: a boy has disappeared. His sister and, we suspect, his ex-girlfriend
set out to look for him. The audience also takes part in the search for Peter. It’s an
exciting and adventurous journey to Greece. The travellers are surrounded by
attendants, who are there to serve them at all times, offering them food and
drinks, and to dance with them. During the entire journey the audience is able to
use all of its senses, except their sight. At the end of the journey, the lovers’ fate is
sealed on the beautiful Greek seashore. The play ends with the revelation of life’s
great truths. For the “sighted” audience, many previously clouded issues are
brought to light in the same way that the
auditorium lights are suddenly turned on.