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Blind play straight from the heart (PEP magazin, 2005.10.12. 11:35:29)

Blind play straight from the heart
2005.10.12. 11:35:29 – RG –

Imagine a play with blind people in the main parts – this seems incredible and fascinating. Those of you feeling appealed by this new approach to theatre, should go and see „Black Comedy”, a Budapest play which is having its premiere on October 14 at the Zeg-Zug Zuglói Gyermekház theatre.
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Usually the main reason to go to a theatre is to be entertained by the play being performed.
Eventually members of the audience will even relate to one of the play’s characters. But if all of the actors are blind from birth, things do change. Going to the theatre becomes a new cultural experience.

We are talking about the theatre group „Vakrepülés Színjátszó Egyesület” in English „the blind flight society” which was founded in 1998 by teacher Zoltán Sallai. This group has already drawn attention when performing the play „Az éjszaka tapintása” (Touch of the night) in complete darkness and thus showing the audience everyday life of blind people. Those who have missed this spectacle are getting another opportunity on December 10 in the Zeg-Zug theatre. Now the blind theatre group is having another premiere. On October 14 „Black Comedy” by Peter Shaffer is an entertaining comedy with lots of black humour and a perfect cast – that is the editorial’s opinion after the press tryout.

Director András Almási-Tóth told us after the premiere about the difficulties realising the play: „Huge ambitions are necessary to set up such a play. But all our actors were truly determined.” It took about year till „Black Comedy” become ready to have its premiere. „During this time we went to see the same play in the Vígszínház theatre, where it was performed by non-blind actors”.

Seeing the „blind flight society” theatre group is not only an extraordinary experience but it also reminds us, that we are not only able to see through our eyes. There is a very special atmosphere in Zeg-Zug-Theatersaal at the Hermina út, an atmosphere created by true dedication to theatre that comes straight from the heart.

Vakrepülés Színjátszó Egyesület
14 October, 2005, 7 pm
Zeg-Zug Zuglói Gyermekház
Hermina út 3
1146 Budapest